Winter Work

We love our Wisconsin winter because winter is the best time to do tree work. Though often overlooked, the months from December to March are ripe with opportunity for pruning and removals. Huddled indoors, we tend to forget about the lush landscape we treasure in the greener months.

Your trees will thank you for taking care of them during the dark, cold months! Trees are dormant and resting during the colder months, so there is significantly less impact when they are pruned. Oak trees in particular should not be trimmed between the months of April to November. Fresh cut wood on oaks is susceptible to Oak Wilt, a fungal disease that spreads from diseased to healthy trees and can devastate a tree or group of trees in a single season. Since we greatly value the beauty of our native, slow-growing oaks, please respect them by waiting until winter to give them their healthy trim.

Winter tree work is also easier on your valued landscape overall, as all perennials are dormant and the ground is often frozen. Our arborists, however, are wide awake, hearty and covered in heavy-duty woolens from head-to-toe, so there is no need to worry about us!