Family-Owned and Operated since 2011

Mallon Tree Service is a south-central Wisconsin born and bred, family-owned business since 2011. Our experience with, and passion for, trees is the backbone and drive of our honest and hardworking company. We are dedicated to the art of efficient and cost-effective tree care.

Our family of tree professionals excel at arboreal management: tree pruning, tree removals, tree preservation, tree planting, winter maintenance and firewood splitting and stacking. Overall, we aim to safely and knowledgeably maintain the longevity of your tree canopy by restoring the health and beauty of your trees.


Our Word is Our Family Bond

Mallon Tree Service places importance on communicating with our clients, listening to their needs and concerns, and coming to a mutual understanding as to the best plan of action for the health, safety and maintenance of their trees, as well as their finances. We take pride in offering free estimates, planning the work and executing it until the last leaf is raked.

Community is Everything

We are a small business that thrives on being a productive part of our community. By staying personable and local, we benefit from and bolster up the community we feel so grateful to be a part of. We feel running a business in a tight-knit area enables us to give back and to build strong, lasting relationships based on trust and familiarity. We are building a reputation in south-central Wisconsin as reliable, safe and respectable tree professionals.

Skilled in Modern and Traditional Tree Care Techniques

Mallon Tree Service has an extensive list of equipment, including a 55’ lift truck. However, we also excel at climbing trees the old fashioned way, by rope and saddle. Traditionally, all arborists mastered this talent, having the strength and skill sets to safely and effectively tend to the health and longevity of your trees from a perch within them. Our tree professionals both enjoy and take pride in their climbing skills. Climbing trees rope and saddle allows our company to have the flexibility of caring for your property in the best way possible for each unique situation, with or without heavy duty machinery.