Kyle Mallon
ISA Professional Member 221860
TCIA Company ID 217629

Kyle has worked as an arborist in the public and private sectors for over ten years. An arborist is an individual trained in the art and science of planting, caring for, and maintaining individual trees. Kyle took a shine to tree work right from the start. The youngest in a long line of farmers, he has loved being outside since he was a baby. When he wasn’t on the baseball diamond, he was weeding alongside his Mother, a true landscape artist, in Milwaukee, WI. Eventually, Kyle would go indoors and graduate with a degree in Criminal Justice from Carthage College in Kenosha, WI. He would later garner a degree in Fire Science from MATC, as well. Unable to deny the call of the outdoors, he proceeded to work all over the United States, maintaining trails, building landscape construction and, in the end, tree work.

Back in Wisconsin, Kyle was trained as an arborist with the City of Milwaukee Urban Forestry Department. Their rigorous program is renowned for emphasizing safety precautions in the trees and on the ground. Upon graduating, Kyle was selected as one of the top students in his class and recruited to work in the private industry, where he learned the art of residential tree work, as well as the importance of communication and building interpersonal relationships. These lessons have proven invaluable.

As Kyle’s love of arboriculture grew, he found there was a need for individualized, honest, safe and dependable tree services in more rural areas of Southeastern Wisconsin and began working for friends and family in his off-hours. He work was received with such success that he started purchasing his own large-scale equipment and dreaming of becoming his own boss. In time, with more than a little hard work and perseverance, that dream became a reality.

Kyle is an avid sportsmen and fledgling hobby farmer. Delighted to relocate his family to Evansville, WI, he now has the space, freedom and forest to pursue his hobbies. The Mallons hope to flourish their business in this idyllic agricultural hub.



Emma Mallon

Emma has roots in Evansville, Stoughton and Cooksville, WI. With a degree from UW-Madison in Journalism and Mass Communications, Emma is learning all about the tree business from the ground-up. She is Mallon Tree Service’s office manager, organizer and on-site assistant when out in the field.

The Mallons pride themselves on being as self-sustainable as possible on their acreage outside of Evansville. The land has been in Emma’s family for over fifty years. Her grandfather, John Wilde, was an internationally known artist, a surrealist painter and master of silverpoint. Her father, Jonathan Wilde, is an established wildlife and landscape painter in his own right. Emma is grateful to breathe new life into the Wilde property, in a Mallon way. She spends much of her free time splitting wood, gardening, cooking, running long distances, and tending to the animals. She is also currently working towards becoming an ISA Certified Arborist.