Tree Removal

Whenever possible, we preserve trees via thoughtful pruning and treatment. We value healthy trees as living legacies and we never enjoy removing trees. However, we often come across situations when a tree must be removed.

Common Reasons to Remove Trees from Your Property

There are many reasons for tree removals, including:

-    Diseased, insect-infested, and dead trees pose a serious physical risk to people and property
-    Storms sometimes damage a tree beyond repair
-    Trees sometimes grow too large for a given space, resulting in crowding
-    Messy trees can cause on-going marital conflicts (cottonwood mess, anyone?)
-    Ill-fitting trees in your landscape create practical problems, ex. shading out a lawn
-    Healthy trees sometime lean dangerously over a house, barn, children’s play area, driveway, etc.
-    Invasive species are often best removed and replaced with natives species
-    Some trees cause allergies for their owners


Tree Removal Should Meet Specific, Planned objectives

At Mallon Tree Service, we specialize in identifying customers’ liabilities. Our arborists will discuss with you your options when it comes to hazardous trees. We will work with you to develop a plan for removal that both identifies the problem and provides a safe and economical solution, striving for complete satisfaction every time. 

Safety of Staff and Property are Paramount

Due to the inherent danger of tree removals, Mallon Tree Service places the utmost importance on safety. We have developed a culture of safety on the job through core strength and awareness training. Our employees are well-rehearsed in safety procedure and the use of our equipment. We follow proper Personal Protective Equipment guidelines for the safety of our employees on the job. Our arboriculture professionals will treat your property as their own with respect to nearby fences, gutters, garden sheds, perennials and the general goings on of your neighborhood. We are fully insured with extensive liability insurance