Tree Preservation and Care


As enthusiastic and active sportsman, outdoorsman and nature seekers, we believe in preserving the sustainability and longevity of our native Wisconsin forests. We understand trees perform critical environmental benefits, provide precious oxygen, cool us in the summer, heat us in the winter, save water by thwarting erosion, prevent water pollution, provide food and wood, mark the change of the seasons, increase property values and beautify our surroundings. Whenever possible, we aim to nurture and maintain heritage trees. In nature, disease and structural difficulties can threaten the livelihood of any healthy forest. Our arborists are educated to recognize what may be ailing your tree and how to successfully and inexpensively treat it. 


Tree Cabling and Bracing

There are several options we utilize frequently when presented with a sickly tree. Trees with poor structure and weakened limbs can live longer with a little guidance from professionals. Tree cabling and bracing is an active, non-invasive technique that will enhance, not compromise, the integrity of your tree. Installing cables and bracing rods can reduce the likelihood of structural failure by bolstering/supporting dangerous, weak limbs. It is an affordable practice utilized to save a tree rather than remove it.