Tree Planting

When tree removals are necessary, having a tree planting plan in place can ease the pain. Tree planting plans are especially helpful when a tree removal results from unexpected disease or death in your tree canopy. Mallon Tree Service can will help you choose the best species for the context of your landscape. In addition to helping decide the best placement, our arborists will purchase the tree(s), transport from the nursery (we like Moyer's and Scheonheit Gardens) and execute the planting.

We will also educate the property owner on steps they can take to ensure the newcomer flourishes. Often a simple watering schedule is all that is needed for success. We take pride in helping our customers make knowledgeable investments in trees that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Here is a sampling of Native Wisconsin trees that Mallon Tree Service often recommends:

  • Hackberry
  • White oaks, red oaks
  • Single stem river birch
  • White pine
  • Bitternut hickory
  • Sugar maple, our Wisconsin state tree

For more information on heritage trees that would complement your green space, please feel free to contact our arborists. We would love to come talk to you about your options!

For more research of your own on native Wisconsin trees, we suggest the Arbor Day Foundation Tree Nursery and University of Wisconsin – Extension.